The professional society for life cycle assessment

Board of Directors

Committee Chair: 

Bill Flanagan (General Electric)

Vice Chair & Treasurer: 

Bob Boughton (State of California)

Vice Chair & Secretary: 

Brandie Sebastian (Steel Recycling Institute)

Committee Members:
David Byrne              Amway
Garvin Heath            US DOE NREL
Jon Dettling              Quantis
Roland Geyer            UC Santa Barbara
Tom Gloria                Industrial Ecology Consultants 
Dhruv Raina              Owens Corning
Gretchen Govoni      SABIC
Connie Hensler        Interface
Rich Helling              Dow Chemical
Chris Koffler             thinkstep
Todd Krieger             DuPont
Mike Levy                 American Chemistry Council 
Rita Schenck            IERE
Philip White              Arizona State University

Board of Directors Info

Committee Mission:

The members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the direction, coordination and implementation of all aspects of the ACLCA's activities.


Management and coordination of new committees as outlined in the Bylaws. Development of new ideas to facilitate ACLCA's mission. The Board of Directors meets quarterly via teleconference and annually at the ACLCA conference. 


The Board of Directors evolved from the ACLCA Advisory Council, which was the very first committee of ACLCA and the basis of success of the organization today.


ACLCA Bylaws