The professional society for life cycle assessment

Mission and Goals

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment is a non-profit membership organization formed in the Fall of 2014.
ACLCA was formerly a program of the Institute for Environmental Research and Education (IERE), a charitable non-profit organization.
The mission of ACLCA is to build capacity and knowledge of LCA. This mission is supported by the following goals:
  • To increase awareness of and to promote the adoption of Environmental LCA among industry, government and NGOs.
  • To support education and outreach through conferences, online educational opportunities, information exchange and other media.
  • To support presence of underrepresented American groups in national and international conferences and other forums related to LCA.
  • To promote networking among LCA practitioners and researchers.
 You can view the ACLCA business plan here.
The Board of Directors includes individuals in industry, government, academia and the NGO community. It meets biennially to guide the direction of the Center, providing overall strategic direction. Our executive committee includes: Bill Flanagan, Chair (GE); Rita Schenck Past Chair(IERE); Bob Boughton, Vice-Chair and Treasurer (California DTSC) and Brandie Sebastian, Vice Chair and Secretary (AISI).