Biofuel - Ethanol

Session chair: Carina Alles

Life Cycle Assessment of Wood Hemicellulosic Bio-Ethanol
Rachel Bowman, Anthony Halog
abstract / presentation

Consequential LCA of a 2nd generation biofuel made from willow
Shirley Fagnen, Pascal Lesage, Ralph Rosenbaum, Réjean Samson
abstract / presentation

Do Cover Crops and Lignin-land Application Improve the life cycle of corn stover-based ethanol?
Sabrina Spatari, Paul R. Adler, Stephen J. Del Grosso, Gregory W. Roth
abstract / presentation

Life Cycle Assessment in Support of the Commercialization of Cellulosic Ethanol
Robin Jenkins, Carina Alles, Jamie Ginn, Bruce Vrana, Robert Sylvester, Chris Johnas, Susan Hennessey
abstract / presentation