Session chair: Joe Marriott

Quantifying Land Use in Consumed Goods using Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment Methods
Christine Costello, Michael Griffin, H. Scott Matthews, Christopher L. Weber
abstract / presentation

Business appropriate hybrid life-cycle assessment – a case study of Playworld Systems, Inc.
Carter Brooks, Chris Erickson, Corinne Reich-Weiser
abstract / presentation

Evaluating Economic Value as a Proxy for Environmental Impact in Material Systems
Jeremy Gregory, Susan Fredholm, Randolph Kirchain
abstract / presentation

Hybrid Assessment of the Life Cycle Energy Intensity of Laptop Computers
Rachel Deng, Eric Williams, Callie Babbitt
abstract / presentation (10 Mb)

A Hybrid Input-Output, Bottom-Up Approach for Assessing Supply Chain Environmental Improvement Potentials
Eric Masanet
abstract / presentation