LCA Case Studies

Session chair: Mike Levy

Life Cycle Assessment Comparison of Conventional and Passive Groundwater Remediation Technologies for Solvent Contamination
Monica Higgins, Terese Olson
abstract / presentation

An LCA-based Environmental Assessment of a Baked Goods Company
Jon Dettling, Dominic D'Amours, Manuele Margni
abstract / presentation

Real-time Life Cycle Assessment: An implementation for ETH Zürich
Chris Mutel, Christoph Meili, Stefanie Hellweg
abstract / presentation

Quantitative Analysis of Material Substitution Effects by Life Cycle Assessment – A Case Study of ITO for a Liquid Crystal Display
Kotaro Kawajiri, Kiyotaka Tahara, Yoritsune Noda, Shigeyuki Uemiya
abstract / presentation

Life Cycle Assessment of Container Glass
Liila Woods, Margaret Zahller, Marc Binder, Joseph Cattaneo
abstract / presentation - will be publicly available before the end of October