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April 2012

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March 2012




ACLCA Newsletter

March 2012

Issue #3

Call for Papers Now Open

September 25-27 2012, Tacoma, Washington

In this issue:

  • Educational Classes at LCA XII - Proposal Deadline May 31st
  • LCA XII Conference Activities
  • LCA XII Optional Day Trips - Secure your spot today!
  • Committee Updates
  • LEED 2012
  • Did you know that?
  • Upcoming LCA Events
  • Webinar on EPDs - April 20th
  • LCA Textbook
Register Today for LCA XII!

Teach a Successful Educational Class at this Year's LCA XII Conference and Attend for Free

We are now accepting proposals for Educational classes, which will be held on Monday the 24th September. Classes can be between 90 minutes and 4 hours in length. Topics should be interesting to attendees and can include things from: LCA for Beginners to Statistics and speciality classes on niche LCA industries. Teachers of successful classes (more than 6 registrants) will be able to attend this year's LCA XII Conference for free (transportation and hotel accommodation not provided). For a proposal template please click here.

Deadline for submission is May 31st.

LCA XII Conference Activities:

Student Poster Contest - Monetary awards for 1st, 2ndand 3rd Places. Judges from the Industry, 
Government and Regulatory Affairs have taken part in the past. Make sure and submit your poster abstract by the Deadline of May 14th. For more information please click here.

Evening Networking Events- Experience the best of Tacoma's Night Life, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings 24th - 26th September.


Speakers: The Mayor of Tacoma, Marilyn Strickland, has been confirmed as the welcome speaker for this year's Conference.

Committee Updates

Technical Committee: The committee held its second meeting of the year earlier this month. The main task of the committee is to provide guidance on recommended practice for applying LCIA metrics for PCR development in the Americas. Currently the committee has developed criteria to evaluate each impact category based on scientific qualities, stakeholder acceptance and applicability to existing LCI data sets. A Climate Change sub-committee has been created to look into the first impact category, which will be used as a template for the others categories to be reviewed. Next Committee Meeting: April 10th.

PCR Committee: The 1st meeting to develop PCR guidance was held this month. Currently 32 representatives from various US, Canadian, French and Japanese EPD programs, industry associations, NGOs, corporations, government agencies, consulting firms and universities are participating. The intention of the effort is to develop guidance that will supplement existing standards for LCA based declarations, and promote harmonization of PCRs across various programs, product categories as well as for other purposes.

These ACLCA committees are open to all members of the Center. To join or learn more about the committee work please click here.

Optional Day Trips Planned During this Year's LCA XII Conference ...Reserve your spot today!

Wednesday Sept. 26th (1:00 - 4:30) Life Cycle City Tour: A tour around Tacoma's Waste Water Treatment Plant, Center for Urban Waters, the Recycling Center and the Landfill to learn more about how the city became the first life cycle city.  

Cost per participant: $50.00                Limited Availability: 50 ParticipantsRegister Here

Tour to Mount Rainier: Those interested in a day tour to Mt. Rainier please email Kelly at and specify which day of the week you are interested in going. Pending sufficient interest, ACLCA will organize the trip; in the event there is not enough interest from participants we can provide you with contact details of the appropriate tour groups.

For further Tourist Attractions in and around Tacoma please visit the conference section on the website or click here.

LEED 2012 Open for Public Comment

The third draft of LEED 2012 has made progress but there still needs a bit of work before it can reach the intended goal of 'driving market transformation to sustainability.'  The commenting period has now past, but you can access the third draft by clicking here. Improvements needed in LEED 2012 include creating clear incentives for projects, rather than reducing the incentives for compliance with high performance standards.

The Philippines feel the EPD Pressure on Exports....

June Alvarez, the Executive Director at the Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Inc., mentioned that the European export market has now become a major driver in eco-labeling requirement; particularly in Western Europe.

A National Eco-labeling Program-Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) has been created to promote the production and purchase of Eco-friendly products.  It is a voluntary third-party environmental declaration based on ISO 14024, which is the type 1 of the Eco-labeling. Read more.

Committees Continued

Policy Committee: The committee is currently working to influence LCA policy at both the governmental and business levels. In order to do this various projects are underway. An initial project is to determine which policies are currently in use by Federal, State and Local Governments. In order to accomplish this, the committee is looking for volunteers to assist with compiling a spreadsheet of state and local LCA policies, which can then be used to identify what trends and best practices are occurring throughout the country. A further area of focus for the committee is LEED 2012. The policy committee is working to guide and shape the applicable LCA/Eco-label/EPD credit language of the USGBC to ensure accuracy to appropriate standards, transparency and promotion of acceptable LCA use within the LEED 2012 program. The final call for comments for LEED 2012 has just closed.  To take part in any of these Policy Committee initiatives please contact Kelly:



Japan has just completed its three year carbon footprint experiment, with notable success?

Over 75 product category rules were developed and over 450 products were footprinted. The results were shared at the Carbon Footprint Symposium, which took place February 23rd in Tokyo, Japan. Rita Schenck spoke at the conference about EPD progress in the United States.

The next step in Japan is the transfer of the carbon footprint program from a government funded (METI) program to a privately funded program of JEMAI, the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry. The program will be combined with the existing Ecoleaf EPD program.


May 3 -6: Japan, ACSEE 2012 - The Second AsianConference on Sustainability, Energy & Environment

May 20-24: Germany, Berlin 6th SETAC World Congress2012 (SETAC Europe 22nd Annual Meeting)

July 10-12: France, International Symposium on Life Cycle Assessment and Construction



When: April 20th

Time: 10:30 a.m. (PST)

Topic: Introduction to EPDs


Free for members of ACLCA (all members receive 3 free webinars per membership year, platinum members can attend all for free).

Sign up today to secure your participation. Please register here.

For a full list of schedule ACLCA webinars for this year please visit our website.

LCA Text Book Plans Underway

Many educational LCA professionals have expressed their concerns regarding a lack of sources to teach LCA. ACLCA has created an LCA text book ad-hoc committee, which has been well received within the LCA community, with over 25 key educational professionals signing up to assist with the planning of the book.  ACLCA will commission authors for the various chapters, an over all editor and designer to ensure the success of this text book. The first meeting was held at the end of the month and further work will take place throughout the coming months. If you are interested in taking part please email Kelly: