The professional society for life cycle assessment

Committee Members


Rob Rouwette (ALCAS)

Connie Hensler (Interface)

Anne Landfield-Greig (Four Elements, LLC)

Sean McGinnis (Virginia Technical University)

Ana Quiros (Eco-Globala)

Liila Woods (PE International)

Bill Flanagan (General Electric)

Shelly Martin (EarthShift)

Troy Hawkins (Eastern Research Group, Inc.)

Jan Paul Lindner (Fraunhofer IBP)

Certification Committee Info

Committee Mission: 

To support certification of individuals working in the field of Life Cycle Assessment.  The committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining the quality of the LCACP certification, and any other certification ACLCA may develop in conformity with ISO 17024. They meet monthly by phone to develop exam questions and address other quality issues for the certification.  The meet annually at the conference.

Current Activities: 

  • Act as a policy body relating to certification
  • Keep the certification current
  • Develop exams
  • Develop new certifications as needed



During the InLCA/LCM 2007 conference, a session was devoted to the issue of certification of LCA professionals. Rita Schenck reported on the results of the survey that ACLCA sponsored (view report). The survey showed overwhelming support for development of a certification system. The final result was the development of the LCACP Program, the first certification program for LCA professionals in  the world. To maintain certification,LCACPs must continue to be active in the field, gathering continuing education units.

In the interest of assuring that the LCACP program can coordinate with planned certifications in other countries, the ISO 17024 standard "Conformity assessment- General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons" was followed. 

Part of the requirements of ISO 17024 is that ACLCA cannot provide training leading to the certification. Instead ACLCA partners with other organizations to assure that their curriculum prepares professionals for the certification.


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