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Conference Committee Info

Committee Mission:

The Conference Committee is formed annually to address the next year’s ACLCA conference as well as any other conference that ACLCA may be hosting.  This committee works together with the Project Staff to design the overall agenda for the annual conference which includes; choosing a theme, suggesting speakers, identifying and executing educational opportunities for the conference, reviewing abstracts and proposals, assisting with fundraising ad developing and implementing awards.  In general it is important to have a strong local component in order to support the local events at the conference.


The work of this committee is primarily carried out through conference calls and emails, with some physical activities related to the conference itself.  For most committee members the planning involves around 10 hours of conference calls and same amount of other work spread over the the year. For members based near the conference this may be doubled. 


The Conference committee changes participants each year.  Interested members can take part in the creation of the agenda and the events surrounding the yearly conference.  In the past the committee has around 10 participants.  Further information of previous years' conference success can be found below: