The professional society for life cycle assessment

Locations (continued)

At the Annual Conference

The LCACP is offered the day before the annual LCA conference


Proctored at Your Location

How to take the exam at your location:

1)      The candidate fulfills the prerequisites for taking the exam and  pays the necessary fees.

2)      The candidate Identifies someone to be the proctor—that person needs not to have a conflict of interest (e.g. not a direct employee or boss).

3)      The proctor works with ACLCA and signs a document that shows they understand their responsibilities and have no conflicts. This can be done via email.

4)      The proctor or candidate find a place to take the exam. It must meet the requirements of the management system.

5)     ACLCA sends the exam to the proctor ( proctor procedure form ) who will sit with the candidate(s) while they take the 3.5 hour exam. He or she can do other (quiet) things while the exam is going on.

6)      The proctor returns all the exam materials to ACLCA.

7)      ACLCA will grade the exam and send the results to the candidate(s) within two weeks.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.