The professional society for life cycle assessment


Individuals in the externship program

  • Develop skills in LCA
  • Develop LCI data for their businesses
  • Are mentored by existing LCACPs
  • Meet the experience requirement for the LCACP exam

Mentors in the program

  • Enjoy building capacity in the LCA field
  • Expand their network to new LCA professionals and new companies


ACLCA is starting a program of externships to achieve three goals:

1) Increase capacity for LCA

2) Prepare individuals for the LCACP exam

3) Provide LCI data as a public service

The concept is that those new to the LCA field would develop LCIs of unit processes related to the work in their current place of work or at a company that was interested in having LCIs performed. They would be mentored by existing LCACPs. The externship would fulfill the experience requirements of LCACP, and the data gathered would be published in an anonymous fashion, keeping the confidentiality of the business information.

If you are interested in either helping to develop this program, being a mentor, having LCIs done at your business, or doing an externship, contact


Individuals seeking the externship program must be willing to share primary unit process data with ACLCA. The data will be anonymized and published by ACLCA. Individuals are responsible for providing all software needed for their work.

A contract between ACLCA and the individual will lay out the responsibilities in detail.

externship agreement