The professional society for life cycle assessment

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Angela Fisher (General Electric)


Jeff Zeman (Kohler Company)

Chris Carter (Kohler Company)

Bill Flanagan (General Electric)

Lauren Johnson (Eastman Chemical)

Shawn Hunter (Dow Chemical Company)

Jennifer Princing (Dow Corning)

Gretchen Govoni (SABIC)

Thaddeus Owen (Herman Miller)

Connie Hensler (Interface)

Dhruv Raina (Owens Corning)

Abdelhadi Sahnoune (ExxonMobil)

Sarah Torkamani (ExxonMobil)

Mike Levy (American Chemistry Council)

Brandie Sebastian (Steel Recycling Institute)

Carrie Pearson (3M)

Erica Knight (John Deere)

Pete Finamore (John Deere)

Carina Alles (DuPont)

Todd Krieger (DuPont)

Kristen Brown (Disney)

Hong Jin (Chevron)

Kahina Oudjehani (Bombardier Aerosppace)

David Byrne (Amway)

Alison Brady (Georgia Pacific)

Margaret Enos (Baxter)

Membership Information:

Industry Committee members must be employed by industry or by trade associations whose primary function is to support industry. 

For more information or to join the Industry Committee, please contact

Industry Committee Info

Mission: To provide a forum for industry members to continuously improve product and process sustainability by collaborating on common industry LCA issues, supporting the advancement of LCA methodology and standard practices, sharing professional knowledge, and further developing the business value of LCA.
Current Initiatives:
  • Business Case for LCA – An Industry Perspective publication (beginning stages)
  • Assembling committee member teams’ profiles
  • Compiling  members related organizational/association memberships
  • Sharing related conference & event information
On-going Discussions:
  • Organization sustainability metrics
  • PCR standardization  & ISO TAG developments
  • Strategies for applying LCA in industry