LCI and Materials

Session chair: Megann Head

Making US Recycled Resins LCI Database More User Friendly for All Stakeholders
  Bev Sauer
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A Systems-based View of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Allocating National Greenhouse Gas Inventories to Reveal Life-cycle Implications of Materials Management Activities
  Adam Brundage,  Deanna Lizas,  Christopher Evans,  Emily Rowan,  Nikhil Nadkarni,  Veronica Kennedy,  Randall Freed,  Soizick de Tilly,  Anthony Cox
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Life Cycle Assessment of U.S. Industry-Average Corrugated Containers
  Marc Binder,  Coppelia Marincovic,  John Heckman
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Lci data for wind turbine materials
  Evan Griffing,  Michael Overcash,  Janet Twomey
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Development of a Quebec national LCI database: the database adaptation approach
  Pascal Lesage,  Gabrielle van Durme,  Réjean Samson,  Guillaume Bourgault
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