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PCR Repository Activities

Prepare communications materials and perform outreach to industrial and trade organizations
We have performed limited outreach to several industry sectors on this topic. Those sectors include the building, food, packaging, apparel, chemical, electronics and software industries. The goal of this outreach is to make key economic sectors aware of the issues and opportunities presented by the global drive towards environmental product declarations.

Develop the infrastructure for the Repository 
We have already prepared draft guidance for developing PCR programs, which has been taken up by ASTM-International as a new work item.

We are moving our offices to Tacoma, a significant Pacific deepwater port that is enthusiastically embracing the repository and Life Cycle Assessment as a driver for clean technology development, especially in the green construction field.

Work on cooperation with national and international PCR and EPD efforts
IERE’s Executive Director is a member of the PCR Harmonization Workgroup, an international group mostly in Europe working this issue, and also a member of the newly-formed General Service Administration Committee seeking solutions to conform with executive order 13514, Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance.

Develop and register product category rules for example key products. We anticipate registering between 25 and 100 PCRs over the first two years of operation.  

Work to develop capacity within the industry sectors to develop their own PCRs
Although the Center intends to write PCRs, its ultimate goal is to have industry sectors develop their own PCRs. The scope the PCRs needed is the entire economy. We anticipate that at least 40,000 PCRs need to be developed and no one organization can be responsible for all the work this implies. Furthermore, it is the industry sectors themselves that have the information needed and have the driver to develop PCRs and EPDs.
We are working with several organizations that have expressed interest in becoming program operators.

Work with green purchasing within the federal and state governments  
We have performed limited outreach at the state, local and federal level to this end.

Work towards independent funding for the PCR repository
To date, all funding for the project has come from fee-for-service work and ACLCA membership fees.