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Auditing PCR Development Programs


ACLCA will audit the PCR programs against the Draft PCR Operators Standard. This standard has been accepted as an item of new business by ASTM-International. Once it has passed through the consensus process there, the ASTM standard will become the basis of ACLCA's conformity assessment.

If you are interested in becoming certified by ACLCA as a PCR program operator, please contact us at

Validating EPDs

Validating EPDs is a matter of verifying that the PCR is being followed and that the EPD figures are reasonable. It is a one-person task. ACLCA can perform this validation service. For assistance,, contact

Validating PCRs

ISO 14025 (the EPD standard) required that PCRs be validated by a team of three. ACLCA can provide validation services, similar to the LCA review services. For more information contact