Anticipatory LCA from concept to application

Anticipatory LCA from concept to application

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Anticipatory LCA from concept to application

9 - 12 PM 3 hours (4 CEUs)


Valentina Prado (Earthshift Global)

Lise Laurin (CEO EarthShift Global)

Thomas Seager (Associate Professor, Arizona State University)

Thomas Etheridge (LCA program manager at HP Inc)

To use LCA more proactively in the design process, researchers have developed several techniques, falling under an Anticipatory LCA, approach, which enables the application of LCA early in the research and development phases where uncertainty, but also the potential for improvement is at the highest point. Anticipatory LCA can be applied as a design tool, to explore the environmental variability of alternative technology configurations and applications. However, also early in the design phases, data is uncertain and fast-changing in a way that limits a full traditional LCA. This workshop goes over the basic concept of Anticipatory LCA covering industry case studies. There will also be common case studies where participants can exercise anticipatory LCA techniques.